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Erotic massage - a controversy or a hobby?



Erotic massage a controversy for someone, regular way of spending a free time or a hobby for other.

What is this trend about?


Have you noticed so many new opened businesses with erotic massage at your city? Maybe not, because you might not be a Prague born, but for us Prague´s native habitants it is quite common phenomenon.


If we look at this service from medical point of view it might be surprising that erotic massages are very healthy matter for our body.

First of all it helps to prolong a sexual arousal, on the other hand it brings all positive effects as any other massage service does. That are complete body regeneration, it improves blood circulation, it relaxes stiff muscles, at the same time it stimulates libido, relieves stress and supports self-confidence.


Popularity on the rise

That might be some of the reasons why has this services become so popular in recent times. We do live in very busy times, sometimes there is no time to build quality and stable relationship, even if we do live in a strong relationship, we come home tired with no enthusiasm and energy to discover each others needs – in the psychic plane, as well as on the intimate level.

Then it happens that regular customers of Erotic Massage Parlors are mostly susuccesfull entrepreneurs, business owners, men or women who are very attractive and live rich working life but have very less comittments in their personal life.


First Erotic Experience

There are also these young adults who just collect their first sexual experiences. Erotic massage could be very convenient beginning for them. As they do not have much experiences due to their age, they could be shy or feel uncomfortbale in front of beautiful and attractive woman. They will never even think about approaching such person in their life.


Erotic massage parlors always offer a possibility to choose your personal erotic therapist according to your taste. This could be the solution for young unexperienced men. Because as we said before erotic massage supports self-confidence…


We hope this short deliberation about erotic massage will help someone to understand this trend a bit.


In next post we will explain what are the main points every erotic massage should include and what to be careful about if you plan to visit any erotic massage parlor for the first time.



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