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4 important things

If you have decided (either alone or as a couple) to try the relaxation of an erotic massage led by an experienced professional and you are not sure how to prepare for the moments of pleasure, there are a few things to look out for on your first visit.

But the key is to just relax and not be ashamed to ask questions. The salon staff are trained masseuses and no question will seem stupid to them. How to prepare for your first erotic massage to achieve complete relaxation?

It's not just about sexual satisfaction
Erotic massage offers physical, mental and sexual satisfaction. The latter may seem primary, but in reality this type of massage offers a state of absolute relaxation and release, beyond the erotic part.

Erotic massage is indeed a way to achieve total relaxation. Increasingly, people forget how much tension is directly related to sexual frustration. In a standard massage, certain areas are never stimulated and the focus is on the obvious areas that collect stress and tension: the back and shoulders. On the other hand, erotic massage can also release tension from sexual areas.

Keep your breathing under control
You may think that erotic massage is supposed to take you to the highest limits of pleasure.

What does that mean? The masseuse will ignite the pleasure in your body until you reach the edge of orgasm. Then the masseuse will slow down or stop. Again and again you will reach the peak of orgasm in the most pleasurable way. It all ends in the most intense experience you will ever have. There is a trick to achieving this: breath control. After practicing this kind of play a few times and keeping your breathing under control at all times will bring some benefits: improved sex drive, prevention of premature ejaculation, and an overall better sexual experience.

Take a shower beforehand
You may think it's not necessary, but just put yourself in the masseuse's shoes for a minute. Would you enjoy massaging a sweaty, hair-filled, smelly body? Think of it as an act of courtesy and shower thoroughly, because erotic massage is an intimate experience.

Massage therapists are NOT prostitutes
Some clients tend to treat masseuses like prostitutes. There are brothels for this purpose, so do not treat masseuses as such. This will prevent unnecessary trouble. Whatever you think, consider these facts: there are many types of erotic massage, such as tantric massage or prostate massage, and training and practice are required to master them. It's really hard to balance full relaxation and pleasure. This is exactly what separates erotic masseuses from prostitutes, as erotic massage is an art of satisfaction and not just a quick way to sexual climax.

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