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couple massage

It is not uncommon for the sex life of couples to fall into a stereotype that lacks passion and excitement after a while. Mechanical movements lack eroticism, fantasy and lust.

There are many ways to improve your sex life. But the problem for many couples is communication. Fear of rejection, fear of ridicule are the most common reasons why partners do not mention their erotic fantasies. Which is a great pity, the erotic world offers many possibilities to improve your sex life.

Mutual masturbation
Are you embarrassed to masturbate in front of your partner? Especially men like such a spectacle, but many women also like to see men with erections.

Sit across from each other and watch your partner do his or her best. The sight can be really exciting. If you own sex toys, don't be shy about using them.

Couples erotic massage
Although it is said that erotic massage always ends with a "sweet spot," this may not always be the case. Use couples massage as foreplay. Let the professionals bait your bodies, relieve you of stress, and finish their "work" at home. Couples erotic massage is performed in our salon by trained staff. In addition to erotic tension, you will get all the benefits that come from a professionally performed massage.

Try an exercise to concentrate your senses
Furnish your room with scented candles, dim lighting, soothing music and clean sheets. Both of you should also take a warm shower to feel relaxed. Have your partner lie on the bed and slowly touch him or her while avoiding their genitals. Do this for 30 minutes, paying special attention to their erogenous zones, then switch. The goal of sensual focus is not to massage your partner, but to experience their touch without any expectations.


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