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Erotica will do everyone good

Sometimes people want, and sometimes they expressly need, to make themselves feel good. They want to make their lives more pleasant. And one of the easiest ways to satisfy them is through sex.

It is understandable that in today's advanced society we find a long list of ways to make our lives more enjoyable. There are indeed many things on offer, almost anything we can think of, anything we can imagine. But despite the ever-increasing number of ways to make ourselves feel good, there is one constant among these. One that did well for our ancient ancestors and that works reliably even today. And will probably be the perfect way to unwind in the future.
By such an eternal source of our satisfaction I mean, of course, eroticism. And I believe you will agree with me. Because no matter in what time and in what society one lives, one is always invaded by thoughts of it at least sometimes, and there are always many people who will not allow it at all.
It is logical. The desire for eroticism is innate in us and therefore it is just very difficult to deal with and can never be easily suppressed. We always crave at least a little erotic experience, we always want at least a little of that tenderness and loving touch and contact. And the lucky ones among us are successful in this regard, at least sometimes, at least they get their way.
But unfortunately, there are also those who crave eroticism, but have no one to do it with. They don't have an ideal or even slightly acceptable partner, or they have a partner who is 'not up to it', and then their life is not very satisfactory erotically. Which doesn't mean that all is lost forever, that someone like them has to accept that they'll be out of luck forever. Because if someone doesn't find his own way at home, he can find perfect erotic satisfaction even in an erotic massage parlour. They may not give him sexual intercourse, but they will offer and give him such erotic massages that will take him to the proverbial seventh heaven. And can you imagine someone who knows about this and doesn't want to take advantage of it? I don't.


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