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How can lack of sex affect your health?

Sex is intrinsic to our lives, and unless we have certain health problems, the sex drive is a natural desire.

We are the only creatures on Earth that practice sex not only for mating purposes, but also for fun and pleasure. Sex, and especially orgasm, has many beneficial effects on our bodies. It is obvious, therefore, that if sex and orgasms are lacking in a person, it will begin to affect him negatively.

Anxiety or stress may occur

During sex, chemicals in the brain such as oxytocin and serotonin are released for a good feeling. During orgasm, your body releases oxytocin (or the "love hormone") and puts you in a euphoric mood. This chemical is also associated with lower feelings of stress or anxiety. When you haven't had sex in a while, your body may stop producing its typical amount of feel-good chemicals. This could take a toll on your mental health, making you feel more anxious or stressed.

Desire can decrease

Periods of abstinence can reduce your libido. Not having regular sex can stop those spontaneous feelings of arousal and feel-good chemicals that make you want to have sex. But lack of sex doesn't make your sex drive go away. Once you're back in action, you'll probably start to feel your libido soar.

If you don't have a partner and desire a pleasant touch ending in a pleasurable climax, erotic massage is the ideal solution for both men and women.

It may take longer to get aroused when you have sex again

After a sexual break, it may take longer for the vagina to lubricate sufficiently or for the tissues to relax completely. With regular sex, the vagina automatically switches to arousal mode. But if you have interrupted your sexual activities, it may require additional stimulation to help your body create lubrication and relax during sex.

It may also take longer for the penis to swell after a sexual break. Although not a proven cause, there is a link between less sex and an increased risk of erectile dysfunction

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