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It wouldn't be the same without eroticism

If one were to renounce eroticism, one would have to renounce some of the most beautiful pleasures that only earthly life can offer us.

Life without eroticism would be theoretically possible, if humanity could somehow be motivated to reproduce and thus maintain its species on our planet, but it would certainly not be the same. Eroticism gives us some of the most pleasurable feelings imaginable, and it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of them.
However, despite the fact that erotic feelings are inherent in human beings, practically all of us are at least sometimes deprived of the possibility of erotic enjoyment. Sometimes we do have a taste for such pleasures, but we lack a partner who is willing to do us good. And, as we can probably agree, it's not perfect to be alone with ourselves. It's always better with a pretty girl.
Because partners aren't usually easy to find. They're not automatically permissive, and if you approached them and asked to, say, get naked, you'd probably get a few slaps or, at best, a negative response.
And so suitable counterparts have to be seduced. They have to be cajoled, flattered, gifted, maybe even blue from the sky... And even that is no guarantee that the seducer will get what he wants, that the chosen woman will be willing to give in. And the long wait, combined with hard work, may come to naught.
But let us not despair! There is also a way to enjoy eroticism to the fullest without having to exert yourself. Just go to an erotic massage parlour in Prague. And even if they don't offer sex, they do offer enough quality erotic experiences to make everyone feel good. And without the hassle of finding a member of the fairer sex. Because here you just have to pay what you have to pay and everyone gets what they want. That is, an erotic massage, which will make him so good in every way that he will not even want anything more.
And what's the best part? The fact that there is such an option for you.


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