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Life is nicer with eroticism

If you had the choice of leading a life of erotic experiences or a life without such satisfaction, which would you choose? The former, right?

Eroticism is of course not something that is necessary for human life, something we could not be without, just as we could not be without air, water or food. We humans can do without it. But let's face it, we don't usually like to wish it away, and if we could always choose to enjoy eroticism throughout our lives or to forgo it, we would prefer an existence in which eroticism is not absent.
But of course, to have quality eroticism you need the perfect partner. It is not like auto-eroticism, where we are satisfied with ourselves. And it is not always easy to find someone with whom one can experience erotic moments, and maybe not only moments. Which I'm sure you can confirm, because you must have at least once in your youth been tormented by the fact that you would have loved to have an erotic experience with someone, but you didn't have anyone. This is often the fate of adolescents, and it often follows people for the rest of their lives.
And what if someone would like to indulge in a little erotic pleasure, but has no one to do it with? Maybe not at the moment, maybe not at all?
If one were to go on a girl hunt, one might sometimes succeed. But he's far more likely to fail, even if he's creepily exposing himself in a park or behaving in a similarly inappropriate manner. Not to mention the undesirability of rape.
So where do we get reassurance? Where to succeed and satisfy one's erotic desires, at any time? Where to enjoy yours without exposing yourself or anyone else to any risks? Of course, preferably in our erotic massage parlour. Where everyone who desires a little and maybe not only a little tenderness will find their own. Which perhaps none of us likes to deny ourselves, but which we do not have at home as often and in the quality we would like.
The service here is something quite different from what we have at home. And it's definitely worth a try.


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