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What health benefits does orgasm bring to the body

Much has already been written about the health benefits of sex on the human psyche. Sex is an essential part of our lives, and a healthy attitude towards sex is reflected in an attitude towards the whole life.

Orgasm is simply good for the whole body and it doesn't matter whether you experience it with a partner, during masturbation or erotic massage

The production of hormones for happiness and good mood
Does sex boost your immune system? Absolutely. It can reduce stress and calm anxiety, lower levels of the hormone cortisol and boost your immune system.

Sexual arousal fires up the pleasure and reward system in your brain and releases the feel-good hormone dopamine.

Your immune system will improve
Is masturbation healthy? In addition to the benefits of sex mentioned above, enjoying yourself can also activate your immune system, boosting your white blood cell count and natural killers that help prevent and fight cold and flu symptoms. So the answer to this question is a deep (and ecstatic) YES.

Self-esteem will increase
One of the most important benefits of experiencing an orgasm is that when we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to feel good about ourselves. This is aided by the release of oxytocin, one of the health benefits of sex.

Think about it: if you can see (and feel) what capacity your body has to make you (and others) feel amazing, it's much easier to love or accept yourself, right?

It's much easier to burn a lot of calories during orgasm
Feeling guilty about skipping the gym? Sex is a miraculous exercise that burns calories and raises your heart rate.

The quality of sleep will improve
One of the health benefits of sex is the production of a substance called prolactin. This plays all sorts of roles in the body, including helping to cope with stress, but it's also linked to deeper, more restful sleep.

Prolactin levels are elevated after orgasms triggered by sex or masturbation. The better the orgasm, the more prolactin.

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