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Which foods to definitely avoid when going for an erotic massage

We all know that there are foods that act as aphrodisiacs and can stimulate sexual desire. However, less well known is the fact that there are also several types of foods that should be avoided before an erotic massage.

Fried dishes
Next time you're planning a night of indulgence, you'd better skip the steak fries. Numerous studies have revealed that fried foods kill your libido because of the testosterone-lowering hydrogenated fats found in fried foods. Luckily for men, carbs are still an option. In the long run, baked potatoes, which oddly enough increase dopamine levels, will help you.

Gin and tonic
Quinine, found in most tonics, lowers testosterone levels. Drinking too much of it can prevent you from feeling any pleasure, gin and tonic can reduce libido. Opt for a martini or better yet a glass of red wine as it is a known aphrodisiac. Amines, an organic compound present in wine, have been shown to increase sexual desire, enhance the senses and even aid in weight loss.

It's not as if your meal includes a licorice appetizer, but if you're inclined to enjoy an aperitif, take note: the herb's calming tendencies can cause drowsiness thanks to the active ingredient glycyrrhetinic acid. When consumed in large quantities, licorice can cause hormonal changes in both men and women, including decreased libido and lower testosterone levels.

Soy is literally a powerful male anti-aphrodisiac. The phytoestrogens found in soy tend to compete with male sex hormone and have been linked to sexual dysfunction, fertility problems, male breast growth and hair loss. In fact, Zen monks eat soy to maintain celibacy, and Japanese wives are known to feed unfaithful husbands extra portions of tofu to kill their ability to have sexual desire.

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