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Why deny yourself eroticism?

Anyone who has ever felt the urge related to eroticism will surely confirm to me that it is something beautiful that should not be alien and inaccessible to anyone.

It is not uncommon for people to have erotic needs that, if unsatisfied, cause them discomfort. Eroticism was given to us by nature in order to motivate us to reproduce, and although we humans have long since discovered that it is a great thing even when we are not interested in procreation, it is with us all the time and accompanies us perhaps throughout our lives, although logically at different times with different intensity and urgency.
Each of us simply wants to spice up our lives at least a little by caressing someone of the opposite and now and then even the same sex. Because eroticism with an ideal or at least suitable partner is always better than being on your own. But such a partner doesn't usually appear on his own, and certainly not when the cravings are on. And so the satisfaction of erotic desires and needs must be facilitated, accommodated. To look for an ideal partner, with whom our man would come into his own.
But such an endeavour is not easy. Nor is there any guarantee of success. Someone is hitting on girls, someone is chasing them or running after such girls, one has to make an enormous effort to win at least a little of that favour and hope that maybe one day it will come to the desired state where the two find themselves together body to body and skin to skin. But erotic desire will not wait. It comes as it pleases, regardless of whether the conditions are just right for it, regardless of whether the person just has someone. 
And where can you get a pretty girl for at least a little of that carnal caress? Of course, perhaps in an erotic massage parlour, where there is the advantage that there is a sufficient choice among the girls, and moreover, there is no need to make an extraordinary effort, nor does the chosen one have to be cuddled and pampered. Here it is enough to pay. And even though only erotic massage and not sex is offered here, it is an experience that will do everyone good.


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