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Two luxury salons in Prague

Dear clients, 

Surely you have noticed some changes. Matahari Salon is expanding and is becoming number one in Prague.


Newly we offer a whole range of massages - erotic, tantric and classic as well as private wellness too. We have connected with the Angel massage brand. We can proudly say that we are the leaders when it comes to the direction of the tantric and erotic massage, the possible highest norm is our standard. Sparkling and high-level environment, a reception, a bar, massage rooms with showers and toilets in Ječná. Sauna rooms and whirlpools. Top service.

Our masseuses truly own a certification approved by the ministry of education. Our services are legal (we collaborate with one of the Czech prominent sexologists). We cooperate also with an organization called Rozkoš bez rizika, where our staff has regular health checks. Last but not least, we provide feedback and quality control of our services. No one is perfect but we try to learn from our mistakes. We provide only high-quality massages and we do not provide or offer any sexual services.

We have our vision and we apologize for any complications which can occur on the way to get there. 

Matahari salon  Truhlarska street 23, Prague 1 and 

Matahari Spa Jecna street 1, Prague 2

The Matahari team wishes you a beautiful day!

We are Matahari!

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