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5 tips on how to cope with sexual problems in a relationship

Sexual problems are a common but rarely discussed part of partner relationships. The most common ones include different sexual desires, erectile dysfunction, but also problems with achieving orgasm.

If you want to work on your relationship further, we have 5 tips on how to easily deal with obstacles in your sex life.

1. Work on communication

The first and most important step in solving not only problems in bed is open and honest communication. Many people are shy about talking about these topics, and this is what leads to deepening problems and mutual alienation. Sit down quietly and talk about your feelings, needs and concerns without undue blame.

2. Find the cause

Sexual problems can have many physical and psychological causes. For men, it is often problems with erection or premature ejaculation, for women it is painful intercourse or difficulty achieving orgasm.

Stress, fatigue, unresolved conflicts in the relationship, as well as illness and hormonal imbalances can all be to blame. Identify the possible causes and eliminate them one by one. If you think you're not having success in bed because of health problems, see your doctor.

3. Be kind to yourself

It may surprise you, but occasional sexual problems are completely normal in long-term relationships and say nothing about you or your feelings for each other. According to the CZECHSEX survey, 61.19% of women and 55.01% of men have experienced sexual problems during their lives.

Instead of self-blame and mutual reproach, it is necessary to arm yourself with patience. If you can overcome this obstacle together, you will strengthen your relationship.

4. Experiment and look for alternatives

If some sexual practices don't work for you or are uncomfortable for one partner, don't be afraid to experiment and look for compromises. Let go of the idea that sex only involves penetration. Work on foreplay, try erotic massage, oral sex and include sex toys in the act.

5. Seek professional help

If you can't solve your problems on your own, there's no shame in seeking the help of a sexologist or couples therapist. A professional can more easily identify the causes of your difficulties, suggest possible solutions and support you as you implement them.

Sexual problems in a relationship are not a reason to feel ashamed or panic. With a little patience, effort and, above all, open communication, you will overcome most difficulties and take your intimate life to a new level.

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