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  • Information about tests for covid

    Matahari does not have the authority to check whether or not you have a valid covid test, so we will not ask you to submit one. This is for privacy reasons. We assume that by purchasing and receiving a massage, you are automatically confirming that you have a valid negative covid test. We will also not ask for your name and phone number.

    Of course, our staff always has a valid negative test!

  • We are looking for new masseuses!

    Hello, we are again looking for erotic masseuses for the destinations of Prague, Sweden and Norway, due to the expansion of our branches. High earnings. ( Norway and Sweden approx 100k net for a masseuse per week, Prague approx 5-8k per day). Money in hand every day.  We will teach inexperienced ones. Prague flexible working hours by appointment, abroad regular weekly tours. This is not a sexual service, only massage, all legal. We are the absolute market leader with a long history. We have two luxury salons in Prague, three Sweden and one Norway. For more information and or interest send SZ or email:

    Thank you Matahari salon

    We are Matahari!

  • Two luxury salons in Prague

    Dear clients, 

    Surely you have noticed some changes. Matahari Salon is expanding and is becoming number one in Prague.


    Newly we offer a whole range of massages - erotic, tantric and classic as well as private wellness too. We have connected with the Angel massage brand. We can proudly say that we are the leaders when it comes to the direction of the tantric and erotic massage, the possible highest norm is our standard. Sparkling and high-level environment, a reception, a bar, massage rooms with showers and toilets in Ječná. Sauna rooms and whirlpools. Top service.

    Our masseuses truly own a certification approved by the ministry of education. Our services are legal (we collaborate with...

  • We receive credit card payments

    Dear Clients, from Aug 2018 we receive also credit card payments for our services. 

    We are working to provide always the best service for you. Looking forward to your visit!

    We are Matahari !!

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