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What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a modern concept of relaxation, enriched with spicy adventure.

Its main purpose is to bring, prolong, enjoy and work with physical excitement.

Intimate climax is a natural part of the massage. But it's not the only goal of the service, after achieving it our erotic massage does NOT end.

Erotic Massage:

  • stimulates the libido
  • enhances the ability to respond positively to sensory stimuli
  • relieves stress
  • brings good mental condition

Erotic massage is open to all men, women and couples from 18 years (no upper age limit)

Please note we do NOT offer sex/oral sex. However, as many of our happy clients would concur, our erotic massages are better than sex!

  • Classic erotic massage

    ...relieves stress, improves blood circulation, brings complete regeneration. Select your masseuse and massage lenght.

  • Body-to-body Massage

    ... highly physical and erotic full body massage focused on b2b, or massage of the entire body with minimal use of hands.

  • Penis massage

    Time for selfishness, no need to be ashamed! For newcomers as well as for experienced. Penis massage starts with hot shower...

  • Couples Erotic Massage

    Our couples massage adds a spark to any relationship! Let us get you closer or teach you how to make professional intimate massage to your partner.

  • Massage for women

    Women need to feel trust, tenderness and love if they are to open themselves completely to their partner or to their surroundings. Come, dear ladies, to learn how to touch your...

  • Foot job

    For foot lovers. Or cuddle with the curves of your masseuse's limbs.

  • Private dance

    A very erotic dance with a sinfully innocent overtone.

  • Lava stones

    Pleasant warmth that flows into every part of your body.

  • Prostate massage

    The prostate is referred to as the male G-point and is also an important contributor to orgasm.

  • Light BDSM

    Do you want to be a "slave" of your own desire under the control of lovely dominant lady?

  • BDSM

    Do you feel frustrated somehow and need to experience when other person take the responsibility away from your shoulders?

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