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Home erotic massage - how to do it? Procedure for beginners

Partner massages are a powerful means of exploring shared desire.

They induce a relaxing effect and thus relieve the body, but you can also discover the erogenous zones of your loved one, and therefore deepen your relationship. But many couples don't know where to start. How to get a partner massage?

A sensitive approach is the key

Home massages work for couples who want to open up to each other. It is not a sexual act in the conventional sense. Much more important is discovering each other's sensitive pleasure-filled zones.

During the massage, you will both become aware of individual pleasurable experiences and of your own and your partner's erogenous zones. During the touching, you connect to each other and open the floodgates of communication not only in the area of intimate experiences.

Don't be afraid of expressing your emotions. Erotic massage is not only about physical experience. Even during professional massages there are tears associated with climax. Prepare yourself for the expression of your own emotions as well as those of your massage partner.

Tips for home erotic massage

How to enjoy a massage at home? Spend enough time. Don't rush, it's not a race. The goal of the massage is definitely not orgasm, but sharing intimacy together. If you're pressed for time, it's best to postpone the experience.

During the massage, one of the partners takes on a submissive role and surrenders to the other. Mutual nudity helps to break down boundaries, with the massager making their partner aware of their own vulnerability.

Don't forget any part of the body. As with orgasm, the genitals are not the first priority. Massage the chest, the abdomen, feet and other erogenous zones - but everyone is different, so if your partner doesn't like the massage of any part, don't push it.

Communication is key

Professionals recommend communication through touch. Keep words to a minimum. This makes the massaging partner feel the other's pleasure much more intensely. But don't forget to communicate. The receiving partner should know their role and that they can stop the massage at any time.

Finally, work with breath. Hot breath on an exposed neck acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. As a massage partner, use every part and expression of your own body. Just as important is the breathing of the person being massaged. Breathing into the chest, abdomen or crotch brings different experiences.

Home erotic massage breaks down the boundaries between partners and has remedied many a marital crisis. If you don't know how to do it, visit a couples massage parlour together. Here they will teach you the basics, which you can deepen at home according to your own taste.

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