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How to do it?

Most couples over time, some sooner, some later, reach a point where sex becomes a rote, passionless routine. There are many ways to liven up a sex life, one of them being mutual erotic massage. If you don't dare to do it, visit our salon where you can do it together.

Erotic massage, whether mutual or in our salon, is beneficial for all who want not only to enrich their sex life, strengthen their mental and physical health, but above all to experience something new - the unknown.

How to get an erotic massage with a partner?
When preparing for an erotic massage, pay attention to several aspects that could spoil your experience.

Have enough time
Even if you're going to a salon for a massage or planning one at home, always have plenty of time. Knowing that you have an important business meeting or shopping to do after the massage and you'll be subconsciously watching the time can completely ruin your experience.

Give the kids to grandma to watch, turn off the phone, and focus on each other. Erotic massage is an investment in your relationship, so don't make excuses, but do it!

Choose the right place
Not everyone has a professional massage couch at home, on the other hand, no one wants to kneel on the hard ground. Spread out an inflatable lounger or a larger amount of blankets on the ground. Prefer a waterproof surface, remembering that the surface will probably be covered in massage oils and body fluids.

Choose dim lighting
If you're going for an erotic massage during the day, draw the blinds or curtains to create a twilight environment. In the winter months, use candles for lighting to enhance the intimate atmosphere.

Turn off all technology
Turn off phones, laptops, TV - in short, all technology. The only thing that is permissible is having soothing music playing in the background.

Discard all clothing
If you wear expensive underwear, it gets dirty when you use oils. When completely naked, you can massage every inch of your body, especially with the erotic body-to-body massage you can try in our salon.


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