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Lingam and yoni massage: for those who love intimate massage

When you book an erotic massage for the first time, it is good to completely throw away your shyness and not be ashamed to say, after what you really want.

Although our masseuses are professionals with a great deal of empathy, they will definitely appreciate your feedback. There are men and women who only desire a massage of their private parts, it's a natural desire for sexual release. How do such massages work?

Lingam massage

If you are a man who enjoys masturbation, then a lingam massage is just for you. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for "penis" and is often translated as "Wand of Light", which is believed to channel creative energy and pleasure.

Lingam massage is a deeply erotic style of tantric massage that focuses specifically on the male genitalia.

Unlike conventional erotic massage, men will receive massage of the penis, testicles, perineum and prostate. This penis "worship" activity is about feeling and surrendering to sensual pleasure and discovering new erogenous zones that can trigger multiple orgasms in the process.

It can also help with sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

What happens during a lingam massage?
During this massage, the masseuse lubricates the penis and testicles with massage oil (any type preferred). She will start rubbing your thighs to help you feel relaxed and activate your sexual senses before moving on to the genitals. The testicles are gently and slowly massaged with fingernails or can be stroked in the palms of the hands.

Yoni massage
While lingam massage is aimed at men, yoni massage is for female pleasure and stimulation.

In Sanskrit, yoni is defined as "vagina" and is interpreted as a sacred space. A yoni massage includes vulva and vagina massage to help women connect, heal and develop their sexuality as well as release physical and mental tension.

Although orgasms are not the ultimate goal of yoni massage, climax can occur during the massage process.

What happens during a yoni massage?
During a yoni massage, the masseuse rubs in essential oils and may sometimes target other erogenous zones such as the breasts.

As the recipient warms up, the hips are spread to begin stimulating the yoni area, especially the vulva and labia.

The woman is encouraged to participate in some breathing exercises. For some yoni massages, the masseur may insert his fingers inside the woman to analyze or discover tight spots and help release tension in the woman's vagina.

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