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Massage body to body

If you want to put the fire back in your relationship, a body-to-body massage may be just the thing you need. Busy lifestyles, kids, stressful jobs and lack of confidence can all affect your sex life and make it lackluster.

The passion in your love life can lose its spark at any time, so giving yourself a stimulating "treat" can be very beneficial. A body to body massage involves the masseuse sensually rubbing her naked body against your body to arouse and encourage an erotic release of energy. There are many ways that body to body massage can awaken your sex life.

A faster and easier path to orgasm
An arousing body to body massage is ideal for those who want to experience orgasm. Although the overall goal of this sensual massage is not to reach orgasm, many men and women experience climax during a sensual massage. During the massage, the masseuse will focus on your erogenous zones to help sexually arouse you. The wonderful sensation of skin to skin contact hugs the entire body and promotes sexual bliss. A body to body massage with a trained masseuse will help you to fully relax so you can enjoy the experience and achieve intoxicating pleasure.

Ejaculation Control
For men suffering from premature ejaculation problems, body to body massage is very beneficial. It helps to prolong the sexual act by engaging in the age-old practice of body to body massage and allowing the flow of sexual energy to flow. This loving art helps you to embrace yourself as your body is stimulated by the gentle skin to skin contact. You will be brought to the brink of heightened arousal and back again, giving you back control over your ejaculation. With regular body to body massage in a safe and discreet environment, you will be able to enjoy sex again and enjoy intimacy with your partner.

Get rid of shame
Naked massage can help those who struggle with intimacy. Whether you miss time with your partner or struggle in intimate situations, this type of massage with a trained masseuse can help you enjoy intimacy between two people. Using soft candles, light and luxurious body oils will create a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy the sensual contact between you and the masseuse. The body caresses release sexual energy and you will love the session so much that your stress and tension from the intimate situation will gradually disappear. You will focus strongly on connecting with the other, so you will be able to easily engage in further erotic adventures.

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