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Penis massage

During penis massage session your professional erotic therapist focuses mainly on your intimate parts and its surroundings.

Penis massage starts with hot shower (together with the therapist or separately, on request), followed by the massage of your buttocks, back, loins and inner thighs which are very sensitive for men.

The second part of the session is done on your back and it brings amazing pleasure. Our erotic therapist will gradually, carefully, gently and systematically stimulate your penis, escalate and prolong your arousal. She will lead you till the very happy end, which is very intense and utterly unforgettable!


Penis massage includes:

- showering together with erotic therapist

- buttocks, back, loins and inner thighs massage

- intimate parts massage (climax at the end)

- slippers, bathrobe, drinking water


Effects of penis massage:

- beneficial effect on the prostate, urinary tract, testes

- improves blood circulation

- brings excellent mental condition


Penis massage
Lenght of massage 1 therapist
30 min 1700 CZK
60 min 2400 CZK

Therapists available

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