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3 myths about erotic massage that you should definitely know

As with every thing related to sex and eroticism, there are a lot of myths about erotic massages.

Several unfounded rumours surround the sacred art of erotic massage, but which are true and which are lies? In this article we will try to clarify them for you.

Are you cheating on your partner
Some men (and women) see erotic massage as a form of adultery and fear the consequences if they tell their partner about their experience in the salon. Erotic massage is not a cause for concern because it is a physical form of relaxation that cannot be compared to cheating. Humans are naturally sexual beings and it is important to understand and express your sexuality on a regular basis. Many successful businessmen and professionals regularly visit our salon to see their hostess and enjoy erotic play. We even recommend bringing a partner to the salon for a "couples massage" which can be an exciting and adventurous experience.

Massage parlors are dirty
There is still a stigma attached to erotic massage parlors and many judgmental individuals believe that these institutions are unsanitary. This is completely false as our salon is more like a luxury spa than a salon.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and offer our clients not only complete discretion, but also superior cleanliness and attention to hygiene.

The masseuses are not professionals
All the lovely ladies, and gentlemen, at Matahari Salon are trained in the art of giving full body massage and come from a variety of backgrounds. They often know how to isolate and relieve pain in a particular muscle group. So if you suffer from back pain or have just been working too hard in the gym, we recommend you book an appointment.

There is also a personal aspect to these sessions. Many regular clients return because they have developed a friendship with these women and can confide in them the intimate details of their lives. They can also discuss sexual fantasies - many men find this dialogue quite liberating and erotic.

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