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Happy end

Erotic massages with a happy ending have many positives for a person's mental and physical well-being.

It is obvious that there is a lot of misinformation and delusions around erotic massage that people believe. We decided to set the record straight on some of them.

Happy ending massage versus prostitution - understand the difference
One of the main obstacles that prevent people from enjoying a "happy ending" is that they confuse this erotic service with straight prostitution. However, most sensual massage therapists reject this label. After all, the key aspect of this treatment is still the "massage" part and not the "happy ending".

Besides, it is unlikely that most salons provide direct sex. All erotic stimulation is done by hand only (or by body rubbing in the case of body-to-body treatments). Some massages, such as lingam, may even seek to achieve a full-body orgasm without causing ejaculation! Overall, the goal of this procedure is far more therapeutic than it would seem at first glance.

The masseurs and masseuses undergo extensive training
There is not just one type of erotic massage, there are many more. Any therapist who calls themselves a professional must devote countless hours to mastering the various techniques. In some cases, it can take years to get it right. Of course, most people can learn the basics in a reasonably short time. Being an erotic masseuse or massage therapist is both a job and an art, and like anything worth doing, it takes a long time to learn.

Couples massage can add variety to your sex life
While some couples will raise their eyebrows at the possibility, it is entirely possible to share the pleasure of this treatment with your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or sweetheart. For some people it may be an unacceptable cheat, for others a way to let some fresh air into the relationship - it's all a matter of perspective. The truth is that a healthy intimate life can do a lot to strengthen a relationship. And a sensual massage can teach you a lot of new things in this regard.


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