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Male erogenous zones or the path to more intense experiences

You tell yourself you know all the male private parts? There are erogenous zones you may not have known about until now. The right massage, for example, will irritate them. What secret pleasure spots are hidden in the male body?

Každé tělo je individuální a co funguje na jednoho, nezabírá na druhého. S tím je třeba počítat i při dráždění erotogenních zón, které má každý muž různě citlivé.

Sexual areas on the male body

Sexology experts say that the male body has three main erogenous zones. The penis, paradoxically, is not one of them. Although it does have a number of nerve receptors on it, it's not the most sensitive area on the body.

The function of the erogenous zones, i.e. the areas whose irritation causes sexual arousal, is closely related to the nerve endings. This is one of the reasons why the sensitivity of the sexual areas differs from person to person.

Nevertheless, on the human body we can find erogenous zones, the stimulation of which works on the majority of the male population. An experienced erotic masseuse knows these places well and devotes enough time to their care.

The most sensitive male erogenous zones

All the senses are involved in the sensual experience - sight, hearing, smell, touch and even taste. This is why men get as turned on when whispering sensual words as they do when in the company of a scented woman.


Human palms contain the most nerve endings on the body. This is one of the reasons why classic hand massage is enjoyable and works as a wellness treatment. But what if it is combined with scented oil and a pleasant atmosphere?

The gentle movement of the hands gets a man to boil like few things do. The gentle scratching of the nails on the inside of the palms is very arousing. But it has to have a regular rhythm; scratching in the style of a pawing dog won't excite anyone.

Knee wells

A very often neglected spot is sensitive and located near the private parts. Nevertheless, few people think of teasing the knee sockets. The thin skin here is often ticklish, and a sensual massage will turn men on.

Beware, however, that not every man finds this area pleasant to tease. But try his stimulation anyway. You don't want to deprive yourself of a unique experience.


Do you know your favourite head massage tools? People associate them with a pleasant sensation of warmth spreading over the body coupled with gentle tickling.

The scalp irritation associated with gentle hair pulling gets men going. A gentle pressure over the neck area where the hairline ends also works. This technique will release tension and increase male arousal.

What masculine pleasure zones do you know? An experienced masseuse will perfectly combine massage with stimulation of these areas. As a result, clients leave the massage satisfied and in a good mood.

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