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Three - yes or no? Experiment without fear of breaking up

The topic of threesomes or three-way sex is still a taboo in our country, but some couples decide to explore it from time to time.

Mostšothers go into it´ with a vision of a spiced´ relationship and newý sexáln´ pleasures, but this is not always the case. Find out with them if a threesome is the right thing for you, or if you should rather have a taste.

Three, or would you rather have the classics?

Threesomes can in manyýcases revive aáš relationship. With herá helpá exploreá your owná sexuality and realize youré letité fantasies. Anyway, three-way play isn't for everyone, but if you don't communicate enough, this practice can lead to a lot of problems.

In extreme cases, it can even end in separation or divorce. In the firstý place ofálieí on how you are basedí and howý you haveáview on relationships in general. If you're opená and don'tárlí anything inám not going to takeání to tryáet a threesome in a functioningácím and lovingácím relationship.

Most peopleá iná acá stá le prefer to discourageá sexá practices outside the relationship or in relationships withoutá ties. In such aécase, you donét take so many risks and donét have to worry about losing your long-standing lásku because of youréfantasies. If you do decide to experiment, always spend enough time communicating.

How to experiment safely in a relationship?

If you and yourá dear half have already decided that a threesome is a goodá ná pad, you can startá with a newá ná ná pad. Even during this time, don´t forget to communicate and make sure that all ofútheirú are on the sameé note. It may happen that inášš the partner will agree at first, but ifám inám you are close to realizing yourášš fantasy, he or she will want to back out of the plá&n.

There is nothing &scaroné about it, and if you want to avoid relationship problems, you should listen to your &scaroné counterpart. Remember that emotions and feelings should never play a role in a threesome.

Threeú ú ú frequentú youršy playátek should not be for either of you a romanticúy partner, but only a person with whom you are not afraid to shareúy your intimacy. In the opposite case, you will start to get involved in a love triangle that never ends in a happy ending. During the act, think of the thirdé person and make sure that heé agreesé.

Transcendání shame by helpingá masáthat

One of the currentsá>in a threesome can be shame. Most people are used to sharing their intimacy only with their partner and still have shame problems. You can overcome it, for example, with the help of erotic massages that help you relax and explore your own sexuality.

The massác will be taken care of by aá kneeá massárka you wonát know. During the massage, you will throw away the shame and learn to relax even in the presence of a person with whom you are not in a relationship and do not have feelings for. You can also go to an erotic massage as a couple.

Kill two birds with one stone – push the boundaries of your intimacy and test whether you can relax as a pár in the presence of massér. Even in such a case, do not forget to communicate and do not push your partner into the common masses. Take small steps and do not rush into anything unnecessarily.

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