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Nuru massage as a way to connect on another level

An innovative programme called Nuru was first tried by the Japanese in ancient times. The Nuru massage in Matahari stands out for its technique, which is gaining popularity among connoisseurs of a truly relaxing massage.

The roots of this type of massage go back to the ancient ages of ancient Tibet. Now this type of erotic massage has gained the greatest popularity in the Western world and its technique has already been appreciated by many fans of unusual sensations.

The essence of Nuru massage

The whole essence of the technique lies in the name itself, as Nuru means "slippery, smooth" in Japanese.

The entire procedure requires a complete absence of clothing for both participants. The masseuse applies a special gel to most of the body to make the skin even smoother, softer and gliding like silk. The main advantage of the gel is the complete absence of smell and taste. In addition, the Nuru cream does not cause allergic reactions, eliminating the presence of contraindications and making the massage accessible to all. After applying the gel, the masseuse begins to perform bodyrub movements through a pleasant touch with her partner's body.

The purpose of the Nuru massage in Matahari is to bring the client to ecstasy by touching the body of the partner: legs, hips, chest, arms, intimate parts of each part of her body stirs the nerve endings and the client experiences unearthly pleasure.

In addition to physical pleasure, there should be a feeling of unstoppable energy that will energize the client and give more positive emotions. The exchange of energy is at the heart of many erotic traditions of the East. True Nuru massage is always performed without providing intimacy, as its main purpose is to help the client achieve the highest degree of erotic pleasure without intimacy.

Main advantages of Nuru massage

Not every client who asks for a service like Nuru massage knows that such a session is in many ways better than other practices. The main advantages include the following aspects:

  • Restores erotic energy in men diagnosed with temporary impotence;
  • It relieves stress, removes nervousness and depression;
  • It leads to physical and emotional relaxation;
  • Restores blood circulation;
  • You can learn how to please your partner.a


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