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Playing with "balls": how to massage the testicles?

Testicular massage is one of the most popular services in our salon. It is true that partners (or partners) often neglect the testicles, whether during manual massage of the male private parts or oral sex. Testicular massage is not just some "play".

The good thing about testicular massage is that you don't have to be a rocket scientist. It's very much in the name. Testicular massage comes from an ancient Taoist practice that was designed to ensure stronger erections and recovery after sex. It helps relieve pressure and discomfort in the testicular area.

Massaging the testicles has other benefits besides arousing pleasurable sensations
Testicular massage is not just for pleasure. Testicular massage has more benefits than you might think. Some of the benefits are:

Helps create healthier sperm
Penis enlargement exercise aids
Helps ensure stronger erections
Reduces inflammation
Increases blood circulation
Understanding the body and erogenous zones

How a testicular massage can work
Before a massage, the testicles should always be warmed up first, for example in a warm shower. Then the massage itself can begin:

Natural massage oil is used to massage the area. Rub the oil or lubricant all over the testicles and their surroundings.
The area around the scrotum is gently massaged for a few minutes.
Using your thumb and forefinger, slowly continue the massage closer to the scrotum.
Begin massaging the area between the testicles by gently squeezing. Different massage movements are tried to find the right one.
The base of the scrotum is massaged, occasionally pulling down while massaging for several minutes.
The massage can be repeated 4 to 6 times and the time extended if the man enjoys it.

Tapping the testicles
Some men like to tap their testicles. The penis is held up, away from the testicles, and using the middle and index fingers, the masseuse gently taps the testicles for several minutes. The tapping of the balls should be done lightly. If done too hard, it can cause damage and pain to the testicles. Some men prefer to have one testicle in the palm of their hand while the masseuse taps the other.

Stretching the testicles
Some men enjoy stretching the testicles for stimulation, BDSM play, or aesthetic purposes.

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