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There are many questions about erotic massages. What are the most common?

Erotic massages are booming and no wonder. An increasingly tolerant society respects erotic release without the sexual act.

Very popular are recently couples erotic massages or tantra massages. Although erotic massages are no longer such a taboo, there are still a lot of questions that people don't know the answers to.

At what age can I have an erotic massage?

Although erotic massage is not directly a sexual act, the erotic subtext cannot be ignored, which is why the minimum age for receiving an erotic massage is 18 years old (some Asian salons even keep the age limit at 21). By controlling the age we protect not only our clients but also our masseuses.

Does the masseuse use lubricant during the erotic massage?

Lubricant is a great way to add a little fun to your massage and also helps to make things run much smoother between masseuse and customer. The masseuse will ask you before the session whether or not you want to use it, but we encourage you to do so for maximum pleasure!

How long does an erotic massage last?

The duration of the massage is entirely up to you, but we have a policy of a minimum of one hour. Since the masseuse performs a full body massage, as well as other massage styles such as happy ending or full service, it is essential that she has an hour to build up the sensations and sensations so that you reach the ultimate climax.

Am I naked during the massage?

Due to the close body-to-body contact and the sexual nature of erotic massage therapy, it is the norm for both participants to be completely naked during the massage. Being naked allows the massage to reach its full potential for your mind, body and soul. This allows the masseuse to reach more areas of your body and her touch to be more intense and sensitive on your skin and private parts.

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