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Best erotic Christmas gifts for men

Christmas is around the corner and the tender halves are looking for Christmas gifts for men. When asked what they would like, they often give a vague "I don't know."

So we put our heads together and came up with a list of ticklish gifts for men to surprise them under the tree.

Erotic gifts spark the imagination and ignite the Christmas-food-addled senses. But it takes knowing how to do it. Which are suitable?

Massage voucher

Massages are the perfect gift for men who keep a low profile in the bedroom. A seductively dressed masseuse will spark an oft-quenched desire. Massage is good for the psyche, boosts self-confidence and men leave feeling relaxed.

A great option for restrained men is couples massage. Salons offer the option of a massage by one or two masseuses. This option is also suitable for women who are afraid to leave their man alone in the company of a seductive woman.

Massage parlours have a pleasant atmosphere and it is a complete experience. Before the act itself, the masseuse discusses the specifics of the massage with the client and always takes into account his requirements.

Erotic toy

Erotic toys have become an integral part of bedrooms. However, these are usually toys designed for women. Men keep a low profile in this regard and all the fun rests on the abilities of the female partner.

Men use sex toys not only during moments with their wives or girlfriends. Travelling masturbators and artificial vaginas ensure that a man can get by on his own even when travelling. This makes them an ideal way for women to keep their man at a safe distance from the competition.

Sexy lingerie

How about giving men the gift of their partners wrapped only in sexy lingerie? Lace, garters, latex or leather - alluring clothes come in many forms. Experienced wives certainly know what their partner is listening to. So why not make him happy and dress him in lingerie that will make him hot under the tree?

Besides the fact that erotic lingerie stimulates the imagination, it actually makes men happy. Women also feel more attractive in it and will commit to more adventurous practices than they do during ordinary lovemaking. It is no coincidence that the arrivals of the women in lace are the most interrupted parts of the film.

Erotic gift for husband and work colleague

The slippers, shirt or bottle of alcohol have gone out of fashion. Men are happy with bold gifts. If a woman has a crush on a colleague at work, a voucher for a joint massage is a great way to show him your affection.

Erotic gifts for men will stir up the dust of a stale relationship. Men will find that their wives crave their company. Love blossoms at any age and there are no limits to the imagination in the bedroom.

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