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Behaviour during massage

You have decided to experience the pleasure of an erotic massage. Choosing a masseuse and the type of massage is a pleasant procedure, which you certainly do not need advice.

However, you may want to know certain things before your first visit.

Don't touch the masseuse
Maybe it's instinct to touch the person who brings you so much pleasure. This is not a good idea during a massage. It's the kind of interaction that may not involve your initiative. Her role is to pamper you, your role is to stay there, relax and enjoy.

Don't order
There are those who like to orchestrate everything out loud. It's okay to talk about what you like, about how you feel. But it should be a conversation, not a monologue. Maybe it's better to say right from the start that you're a talkative person. But telling a masseuse what to do in the middle of a massage is a lack of respect. You wouldn't want to be told how to do your job. I'm sure the masseuse will ask you for feedback.

Popcorn belongs in the cinema
Interrupting a massage to eat is again a lack of respect. Don't go to an erotic massage parlor like you would go to the movies. So prepare to get a massage as if you were going on a date.

Because the masseuse will prepare for you, so you have to do the same. Don't come with a strong smell of onions or garlic. It's totally bad etiquette for you.

Don't act like a lout
It is recommended that you be polite from the start. The masseuse is a well-trained person to perform the kind of massage you have requested. Do not say words to her that are inappropriate, You can offer feedback, try another massage with a different masseuse. However, be polite at all times, just like the masseuse. This experience must be defined by mutual respect.

Do not use perfumes with heavy scents
The point is that the masseuse will use essential oils. These have a natural and intense scent, so when combined with your perfume, you may not be comfortable. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your personal hygiene to a high standard, but avoid using perfume just before your massage.

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