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What sexual fantasies do people have most often?

Even the most open-minded people in sex have their secret sexual fantasies. Even if we're not aware of it, sex is associated with many complex emotions.

It may be tempting to refuse some of our most common sexual fantasies as somehow wrong. Most likely, however, they are also your most taboo sexual fantasies are very normal and even healthy. It's a proven fact that people, who act out their sexual fantasies find higher self-esteem and are generally happier.

Sex with multiple people

Sex with more than one person involves sexual intimacy with more than one partner of either sex. Of course, there is the ever-popular threesome and anything larger, known as swingers.

If you have a partner and wish to invite someone else to join you in your sex play, always discuss it thoroughly - mutual consent is 100% essential. If you desire group sex, always make sure that trust and safety fully work!

Roleplay and Cosplay

Although some may confuse them, roleplay and cosplay are two different types of erotic games. Roleplay can take many different forms. Common sexual fantasies involving roleplaying include cop and prisoner, plumber and housewife, and teacher and student - the possibilities are many. Cosplay on the other hand on the other hand, often involves dressing up as a character from pop culture (i.e., books, movies, or No two sexual fantasies are the same!


Romantic sex can mean many things to many people. After all, what is considered "romantic" is subjective! Usually, however, romantic sex is focused on the current emotional and erotic depth. It can be slow, sensual and deeply connected - much like tantric massage - or it can be on the sensual domination side, which involves a more dominant-submissive dynamics and yet still highly sensual.

Rough sex

Also, "rough" sex can take many different forms. It can be aggressive, primitive or even a little violent. It is important to know your limits and avoid rough dynamics. Boundaries can seem weak, but it should always be defined! This means that with caution and mutual consent it can be rough sex is safe and extremely sexy. A common sexual fantasy in the BDSM world (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism), your version of rough sex may include tying up your partner, spanking, gagging, and a variety of other sexual activities.

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