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You can't be without eroticism

Erotica has always been with us and always will be. This is regardless of what kind of society we live in and what is and is not supported in this society in matters of eroticism.

Eroticism is something great, amazing, perfect, impeccable, unforgettable... There are many superlatives we could use to describe erotic experiences. And yet, these are indescribable, because even a thousand words cannot describe what we experience in the moments when we indulge in eroticism. It simply cannot be described, it has to be experienced.
But while every one of us human beings wants to have erotic experiences, more than once we are not so lucky in this respect. Firstly, because it is not given to us by nature, and secondly, because it is not always possible to find someone with whom we can enjoy ourselves erotically. Everything related, even if only marginally, to sex is to some extent taboo in civilized human society (sometimes more and sometimes less), and therefore we cannot rely on the fact that we can just approach a counterpart whenever we want to be satisfied and we are automatically satisfied. And then, when we get an affirmative response in such a situation, to doubt and reverse gear more than once, because it is unusual and who knows what unpleasantness might be behind such an overly willing consent to erotic groping.
And so, more than once, we simply cannot indulge in eroticism adequately. Because we have no one to do it with. And it's logical that the absence of such pleasurable moments bothers us.
But it doesn't have to be that way. There are places where they are willing to help us satisfy our erotic desires without exposing us to any unpleasant potential complications. If we are satisfied with erotically oriented massages, during which we can enjoy climax without having sex as such, we are in the right place in an erotic massage parlour. This is where we can enjoy those delicious moments with our perfect counterparts, without the risk of getting any kind of a kick out of it.
And that's what eroticism is all about. It's to make us feel good and not complicate our lives.

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