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Does tantric massage always have to be sexual?

Tantric massage has been a powerful form of bodywork for over 2000 years. Although tantra is often known as an erotic service, the early purposes of tantra were far from sexual in nature.

In ancient times, medicines were scarce and available only to the rich. Because of this, doctors and healers sought natural remedies to cure the sick. They realized that when we are under adverse weather, Chi builds up in our muscles, making us sick, tired and stressed. In order for an individual to heal, the Chi eventually had to be removed, one way to accomplish this was through slow and soothing massage. This also allowed the body, mind and soul to harmonize, leading to better health and well-being.

Tantra is not just about sexual gratification

For centuries, we have been fortunate enough to have an abundance of medicines to help relieve pain and prevent disease, but this has not prevented the demand for tantric massage. Tantra massage has soared in popularity with many men who enjoy the services of erotic massage parlours universally - but this begs the question, does tantric massage always have to be sexual?

Let's cut to the chase - the answer is no. Although many believe that Tantric massage has become a code word for sex, this is actually not the case at all. Tantric massage may not actually contain any sexual elements at all, but of course it is always a pleasant addition.

Modern Tantric ideology teaches us that the body is a temple and should be worshipped - one way to achieve this is through massage. In order to show the respect that the human form deserves, the massage is performed completely unclothed. So, you're probably asking, why does tantric massage often (but not always) involve stimulation of the erogenous zones?

Lingam and Yonni

Other tantric teachings show that the lingam (penis) and yonni (vagina) is the center of light and is the most sacred place of the human body. This makes the main focus of Tantra based on the Lingam and Yonni.

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