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Take advantage of all the benefits that erotic massages offer

V našem salonu MataHari se u nových klientů často setkáváme s reakcí: „Že já to nezkusil(a) dřív.

The nervousness and shame was completely unnecessary!" Few new clients don't come back to us. A pleasant massage performed by our professional staff, their skilled hands, their kind and pleasant nature, their empathy - these are just some of the reasons why our clients love to come back to us. There is no doubt about the effects of erotic massages on the human body.

Sensual massage, also known as erotic massage or tantric massage, is performed primarily as a way to stimulate the libido. This type of massage is of Eastern origin and is considered both an art form and an effective physical therapy. The history of sensual massage can be traced back over a thousand years and was widespread in China and India. In India, tantric massage combined the physical aspect of massage with the spiritual. Western cultures have typically focused on therapeutic uses for massage; however, many people now recognize massage as an essential part of sexuality.

How can erotic massage help?

Sensual massage has many benefits for both men and women. If you have never tried erotic massage, MataHari is the perfect place for your first visit. Sensual massage is a great way to relieve stress and connect with yourself emotionally and spiritually. Anyone who wants to seek pleasure in new and different ways should try erotic massage.

Erotic massage can help improve health and well-being in a variety of ways. Relaxation and pleasure are more obvious, but a few other benefits may surprise you:

  • Body confidence
  • Reducing sexual problems
  • Stronger, longer erections
  • Lower risk of prostate cancer
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Reducing aches and pains
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Improved breathing techniques to help achieve full-body orgasms
  • Cure female anorgasmia
  • Orgasm or multiple orgasms


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  • Drop the shame

    When some people think of erotic massage, they think that it is only about sex and the massage itself is just a by-product. It's just the opposite, erotic massage can awaken feelings in you that you had no idea about and why not experience them with your partner.

  • How to do it?

    Most couples over time, some sooner, some later, reach a point where sex becomes a rote, passionless routine. There are many ways to liven up a sex life, one of them being mutual erotic massage. If you don't dare to do it, visit our salon where you can do it together.

  • How to practice tantric sex and achieve complete relaxation

    Although tantra is often synonymous with sex and massage, it is really about connection - whether it is with yourself or between you and your partner. In practice, tantra is about enlightenment: transcending the sexual and spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative, spontaneous and intimate sex.

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