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erotic masseuse

A girl, or a man, performing erotic massage is not just an ordinary person. Although she has training and courses in various types of massage, it is not enough. Empathy, friendliness, communication, pleasant appearance and demeanor are important.

The difference is that in erotic massage, the masseuse must be a pleasant person, good-looking and also inspire confidence and attraction - all together.

The masseuse should be patient
There is no point in rushing to end the massage too quickly. The masseur must be patient and also inspire the one who benefits. She should be the kind of girl you want to keep, in whose presence you want to stay more and more.

He/she should have THAT
By THAT, we mean natural charm. Beauty is a relative term, sometimes all it takes is a pleasant expression on your face, a straighten up, a smile and your whole appearance can change. Physical attractiveness is important in this regard.

So masseuses are not only good looking, with an impressive silhouette, but also women who seduce from the very beginning.

It matters even less whether she's blonde or brunette. In fact, it doesn't even matter the color of your eyes - what's more important is to know your worth, to know how to put yourself in the right light, to impress everyone around you.

Skillful hands are needed
The masseur(s) must have the skill to properly implement the massage movements and those specific to each type of massage they will be performing. It is important to avoid shaking hands. Imagine yourself in front of a person who has so much emotion that they cannot control their hands and cannot offer you the massage you are waiting for. This is one of the most important qualities - to be able to control yourself.

....and ultimately....must love your job!

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