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What is the difference between erotic and exotic massages?

An exotic massage is a massage associated with a ritual or specific cultural practice.

Asian countries such as China, Japan and Thailand, for example, have ancient cultural massage practices that are popular in many of today's massage facilities.

Lomi Lomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage practice, is an example of an exotic massage. Practiced by by indigenous healers throughout history, it has deep spiritual roots and is often performed in health centers throughout the territory.

In most traditional full body massages, it is normal to be undressed. The hostess masseuse will leave the room and asks the person to undress and provides a blanket for the client to put on the parts of the body that are not being actively massaged.

Erotic or sexual massage is a massage involving the erogenous zones of the body. Referred to as a happy ending massage, they focus on intimacy and arousal. In erotic massage, the masseuse involves parts of the body not normally touched in a traditional massage, such as the breasts or the genitals.

The two types of massage differ significantly

While erotic and exotic massages are often used interchangeably, they are not the same and have an important difference. The main difference between erotic and exotic massage is that erotic massage is sexual in nature and exotic massage is not. While erotic massage can be exotic, exotic massage is not always erotic.

Tantric massage is a great example of the overlap between erotic and exotic massage. Tantric massage combines elements of traditional massage, yoga, bioenergetics and sex therapy and emphasizes the release of energy blocks that interfere with sexual and spiritual health. Tantric massage draws from the ancient practices of Tantra (an ancient Indian spiritual practice) and includes breath work, meditation and mindfulness and may include direct genital stimulation. This is just one example of a type of erotic massage that incorporates or draws on exotic massage practices.

In our salon you can enjoy both classic erotic massage and more spiritual tantric massage.

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