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Let's not write off eroticism

Do you live a life completely free from erotic experiences? If you answer yes, then you are probably lying to me. And if you're not lying, then you deserve to be pitied.

I can't imagine that there is anyone among us who lives completely without the slightest erotic gratification. We all engage in eroticism, in my opinion, and if there is any difference, it is only that we each do so in our own way, in the way that best suits us and the conditions in which we find ourselves. Eroticism is something quite commonplace, something that does not escape us in our lives, and there is little point in suppressing it, because it won't work anyway, and in the end the absence of something so pleasurable would surely show up somewhere.
And so there is no point in giving up erotic experiences. There's no point in trying to somehow 'defuse' or ignore them. We all simply have needs, and we should satisfy them.
And that you don't have anyone or anywhere to do it with? That you don't have a partner who would fully satisfy you, or that you don't have a place to indulge in erotic activities? Then you should definitely not despair, you should not feel depressed. Because whoever is looking for, will surely discover a solution to something like this. And it doesn't have to be extremely complicated or, let's say, expensive.
When you are looking for a partner for a little erotic caress, you don't have to get married or divorced for that matter. You don't have to take the risk of venereal disease that comes from too loose and offering counterparts, or the risk of robbery, violence and the like that often accompanies prostitution. It is possible to satisfy oneself safely and at a high level without a steady partner. And that in an erotic massage parlour.
You won't get sex here, you would have to go somewhere else for that, but even such erotic massage can do anyone a lot of good. There is something for everyone, and everyone can be satisfied.
So why not give it a try, right? The only regret he will have is that he cannot take the masseuse here and take her home, so that he can have her at his disposal whenever he wants.

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