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How to satisfy men in an unconventional way or prostate massage from a professional erotic masseuse

Honesty right at the beginning of this article - a lot can be written about massaging the prostate, but in the conclusion is only and only important practice. This is true in almost everything in life, similarly in our field of light erotic massage.

Let's start with what the prostate is, where the prostate is and why it is so important and should we even be talking about it.

In the words of experts, the prostate is an accessory sex gland that secretes secretions that are part of the ejaculate, contains substances necessary for the nutrition and movement of sperm and thus increases the ability of sperm to survive. The prostate gland is located in the pelvis below the bladder, bordered in front by the pubic bone and in the back by the wall of the rectum, on the front of which it can be palpated.

Simply put - the prostate basically controls the male sex life, it plays a vital role for the sex drive and harmony of every man.

The importance of this organ is really huge. But unfortunately, men only learn about the prostate at an advanced age or when they face a health problem such as prostatitis, insufficient erection and have to undergo a prostate examination.

The causes are varied, ranging from poor diet, overacidity of the organism to mental tension, physical exhaustion or stress.

When we already understand the importance of this organ in the male body, it is easy to think about how the prostate in men can improve erections, what prostate stimulation is actually about.

The great news is that prevention in the form of prostate massage is very beneficial and effective. At the same time, irritating the prostate brings men endlessly powerful and exceptional orgasms.

Instructions on how to massage the prostate basically exist only in theoretical terms. The main obstacle on the way to a pleasant prostate massage is a man's psyche. It is understandable that a man is shy the first time and does not know what will work on the prostate.

It is best to entrust yourself for the first experience to the care of a professional erotic masseuse who offers prostate massage as part of erotic massage and thus has a wealth of experience with where the prostate is, how to treat the prostate and what men find pleasurable.

In the very beginning, the most important thing is to relax men, erotic massages are a very ideal way to do this. It is advisable to intersperse the massage with many touches on the inner thighs, the loins, the buttocks and massage them firmly. Men do not appreciate gentle stroking or oil rubbing in these areas.

The moment the man is well relaxed, it is a good idea to proceed to anal massage. Anal massage is very pleasurable and arousing and prepares the man for stimulation "inside". The prostate is then about the length of a finger in the anus, it can be felt as "a little bump". The movements of the finger are pleasant, as when we entice the man to come closer. It is highly recommended to use latex gloves, Vaseline and also to trim, ideally shorten completely, your nails to avoid hurting the man.

When the whole event goes well, the man's experience is truly unforgettable. Prostate massage is recommended not only as a preventive measure, but also as part of lovemaking, erotic massage, foreplay, to diversify sex life and as an unsuspected pleasure.

Salon Matahari offers prostate massage as an extra extra service for 490 CZK to any type of our erotic massage. Ask your erotic masseuse, we look forward to seeing you!

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