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How to step out of your sexual comfort zone

Sex should be fun and exciting and sometimes you have to step out of your sexual comfort zone.

If your love life is more than a little mundane or organized, maybe it's time to take it further in the bedroom - or out of it.

Let yourself drift
Your brain can determine your comfort and satisfaction during sex. It's essential to let your guard down and trust your partner during sex, which can help you let go and enjoy sex. A relaxed approach to sex could also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

Leave the bedroom
Spice up your sex life by getting out of the bedroom once in a while. A little spontaneity can keep your relationship fresh and exciting. For example, you can try different positions in the kitchen, living room or even the bathroom.

Try an erotic couples massage
Erotic massages don't just have to be done by a single person. Take your partner and enliven your relationship with an extraordinary experience in a professional erotic salon.

Explore your bodies
Enhance sexual pleasure by exploring each other's bodies. Try stimulating different areas of the body to provoke new reactions and increase your enjoyment of sex. Remember that every body is different, so find what works for you and your other half.

Try sex toys
To help identify what they do or don't like. There are sex toys for singles and couples and there are options for every orientation and gender. So if you and your partner want to have more fun in the bedroom, explore the different toys available together and find options that will get both of your hearts racing.

Surprise your partner in costume
A costume allows you to adopt a whole new personality, which can help you banish self-esteem issues and feel more confident during sex. The different options could make your partner's pulse race because you could dress up as:

Nurse or doctor
A firefighter or firewoman
A sexy secretary
Cowgirl or cowboy

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