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The choice of music affects sensuality.

Erotic massage is meant to capture the senses and heighten them to create an experience that is equally relaxing and arousing. While it is true that a soft and sensual touch is the foundation of a quality erotic massage, the right atmosphere is also integral to creating a sensual environment that enhances pleasure and satisfaction.

Someone likes candles, scented sticks or essential oils. Just like the type of massage, the music playing is customisable to your wishes.

Benefits of playing music during an erotic massage
There are many benefits to playing music during an erotic massage that suits you.

It calms the mind
Erotic massage music can evoke relaxing mental images that help relax the body. Since mental well-being affects physical well-being, it should come as no surprise that music can make your physical and sensory body more receptive to the soothing touch of professional masseuses.

It can slow the pace
Slow music can change the speed of your brain waves, which can lead to a kind of trance or meditative state of being. To set a pace that you can slow down with and really enjoy everything, let a slow tune play.

It can ease the pain
A 2013 study found that music can help relieve chronic pain and anxiety and depression. Although the pleasure of an erotic massage is already a great way to deal with any discomfort or stress you're living with, music is the icing on the cake.

It can promote better quality sleep
Especially if you suffer from insomnia or other sleep problems, playing music during an erotic massage can promote deeper rest.

It can improve blood circulation
While there's no doubt that an erotic massage in our salon can help get the blood flowing, adding the right music can enhance this effect for a truly invigorating and sensual experience.

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