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Orgasm: myth or truth

It is clear that men reach climax through the penis. Although ejaculation can occur through anal sex, it is still similar to orgasm. But what about women?

Much has already been written about vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Cervical orgasm is quite new, as it is not easy to achieve. However, if a woman achieves it, she experiences pleasure that is hard to imagine. To achieve it, complete relaxation is needed, which a woman can achieve, for example, during an erotic massage.

What is a cervical orgasm?
The cervix is the end of the uterus that opens only slightly for menstrual bleeding and opens much more for vaginal birth. So getting to the cervix will require deeper penetration (from a partner or a toy!) than you may be used to.

Cervical orgasm is the result of deep pressure or friction against the cervix, which stimulates the surrounding nerves. If you hit the surrounding nerves, there are quite a lot of them,you may experience a stronger orgasm. These nerves are distributed throughout the pelvis, which is why cervical orgasms are described as intense and full-body.

For some people, a cervical orgasm can be an overwhelming experience. But for others, the pressure on the cervix can be less pleasurable, even borderline uncomfortable. Each vagina has a unique tendency, as does each cervix. Similarly, each inserted object, such as a penis or toy, will have its own angle or curve, so there are no surefire moves for cervical stimulation. You will have to experiment to see just what will bring you to cervical orgasm.

Although it can be hard to distinguish between different types of orgasms, people describe cervical ones as particularly amazing, like "an uncontrollable rush of pleasure between the navel and vagina" and as a second, more powerful sensation after a clitoral orgasm.

If you finally have one, congratulations on reaching a personal milestone in sex! But don't just focus your attention on the cervix. Instead, hone in on the pleasure and see where it takes you. If it leads to orgasm, so be it. And if the pursuit of pleasure leads you back to the clitoris, that's great too.

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