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5 common misconceptions and myths associated with erotic massage

These days, if you tell someone you're going for an erotic massage, 9 out of 10 people will probably smirk. In their minds, the image of a classic nightclub or at least a subtle prostitute opening the door of a private room will probably pop up.

It is an understandable, but unfortunately mistaken idea. So are any comments like "Well, just say you're going to get laid, you don't have to pretend." ...will elicit a little amusement and a little hand-waving, because it's not worth the effort to set the record straight. People are going to think what they want and what is more acceptable to them anyway.

Despite all this, the fact remains that erotic massage is a beautiful experience lying somewhere between a relaxing massage and a classic visit to a prostitute. For this and other reasons, it's not a bad idea to look a little at the classic misconceptions associated with this type of erotic experience and set the record straight.

But we'll have to start with some more general misconceptions and superstitions...

1. sex = coitus

V mentalitě českého národa je stále dost silně zakořeněna představa, že sex znamená vždycky soulož, tedy průnik penisu do vaginy, případně do análu.

The mentality of the Czech nation is still quite strongly rooted in the idea that sex always means intercourse, i.e. the penetration of the penis into the vagina or into the anus.

He himself, however, often makes up less than 10% of the process by which individuals of the opposite or same sex are brought together.

2. Sexual intercourse is needed to satisfy libido

This notion stems both from years of tradition and the very weak presence or absence of information about other forms of sexual activity, as well as a rather conservative perception that primarily classifies sex as intercourse, perhaps adding some foreplay in the form of oral sex, but that is usually the end of it.

But the truth is that there are more than enough forms of sexual gratification in which penetration need not occur at all. Mainly due to the aforementioned fact that intercourse itself is only a very small part of erotic play. These can consist purely of cuddling, kissing, mutual masturbation and other activities.

Moreover, many people may not be turned on by the intercourse itself nearly as much as by the things around it - intimacy, tenderness, caressing, etc.

3. The masseuse must not be touched during the massage

This depends purely on the agreement between the client and the masseuse, or the client's requirements sent in advance.

Although erotic massage excludes both sexual intercourse and, for example, oral satisfaction, it does not mean that there cannot be mutual contact, cuddling, hugging, caressing, caressing and even satisfaction of the masseuse.

4. Erotic massage is just a code name for private rooms and prostitution

The notion of this type can sometimes be true, but in the case of really high quality salons it is not. It is a fact that at the time when erotic massages were performed in private apartments, it was probably not a problem to come across a disguised private place, or it was not against the masseuse to provide the client with more than just a touch of her hands.

But today's really high-quality salons are clearly defining themselves.

Firstly, they clearly declare the absence of sexual services other than manual climax as part of the massage - this may or may not happen according to the client's wishes or disposition.

Secondly, masseuses have the absence of sex during work in the salon's operating rules and the rules they sign.

5. Erotic massage is infidelity

We come to a point that deserves a separate chapter in the future. The question of infidelity has a lot to do with jealousy, which in turn has to do with self-esteem.

If both partners in the couple are sure of themselves and have confidence in each other, then an erotic massage will be absolutely comfortable for them.

However, if a jealous wife finds the contact details of such a massage parlour in her husband's phone, there will be fire on the roof regardless of whether he has been to the establishment or not. But jealous wives rarely have anything explained to them.

These few points are by no means exhaustive, but they are the first and most common wave of misinformation and half-truths that accompany both erotic massage and sexuality and intimacy in general.

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