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What can you expect during a couple massage in an erotic massage room salon

Our erotic couples massage in Matahari is a pleasure driven experience that can spice up your sex life, promote intimacy and enhance your relationship.

Explore sexual fantasies with your partner in a safe private space in our salon.

We offer a range of erotic massage packages for couples, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a sensual massage tailored to your needs. If you're just starting out with erotic massage and want to take your partner for a couples sex massage, you're probably wondering what to expect. Let's explore.

What happens during an erotic massage?

Erotic couple massage is a captivating, sensual experience for partners. Once you arrive at the time of your reservation, you'll be able to let us know what your unique fantasies are. Our hostesses can provide massages, gentle, sensual experiences and more explicit sexual touch depending on your needs.

The Matahari experience is completely customizable. If you'd like to fantasize about what happens next, close your eyes and imagine a different setting or even opt for a more flirtatious experience with your hostess.

Once you and your partner have decided what desires you would like to fulfil, it's time to relax in the hands of your masseuse. You can follow your partner's arousal with a tantric massage, or you can have two of our masseuses join in. You and your partner can have a massage with two masseuses, which we think is the best possible way to enjoy an erotic couples massage.

Why book an erotic massage?

Erotic massages can improve your relationship, build intimacy and offer these health benefits:

  • Increased body confidence
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved erection
  • Better orgasms
  • Improved mindfulness
Book a couples massage at Matahari and spice up your relationship.

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