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5 hot tips

Making your partner feel good with your hand is not uncommon and some men take pride in this practice. Erotic massages often end with a hand-job climax, which relieves not only the weight on the man's shoulders from a hectic workday, but also sexual tension.

The ladies in our salon are trained professionals, despite this, they revealed a few tips on how to do "hand work" to perfection. Women's hands are naturally softer, gentler and more dexterous, already promising a pleasurable touch. And what can we say - (u)satisfied man, happy man.

Hands are a woman's powerful tool, they can give a man a lot of pleasure. Just be creative and don't be shy.

Use a lubricant
There are men who can't stand massage oil on their private parts. Although lube has basically the same consistency and function, it does have a few extra benefits. Lubricants allow your hands to glide over his sensitive skin. Some types of lubricants even increase sensitivity, driving men to ecstasy.

Don't be afraid to squeeze harder.
Many women are afraid of injuring their penis and use light, experimental pressure. Try using a very firm grip, using your hands to create a firm squeeze along the entire length of his penis. Then explore the full range of pressure, from light as a feather to very strong.

Vary the position of your hands
Use your hands in a variety of ways, from a full-hand grip to a one-finger glide. The more variety you create, the more sensations will be felt and your touch will stay fresh and exciting.

Avoid monotony
Play with rhythm and speed to create variety. Mindless up and down movements are fine, but nothing super exciting,

Don't try to be quick on the mark.
Don't just look for one "trick" that works and try to finish as quickly as possible. Increase his excitement and then slow down. Tease him. Create changes in his pleasure. This will make his climax even more intense.


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