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Aromatherapy - how scent can turn an erotic massage into an unforgettable experience

Aromatherapy and erotic massage form a perfect combination that will help you relax and immerse you more easily in the unexplored world of pleasure.

In today's hectic times, you need to find a moment to relax and connect to your senses. Essential oils can help you do that, that can turn a massage into a unique experience. How does aromatherapy work and what does it take?

Aromatherapy - the ancient art that awakens all your senses

Aromatherapy is not just a casual play with scents, but a traditional practice. Its roots go back to ancient civilisations in Egypt, China and India.

Even back then, people knew the power of essential oils, which they used for healing, relaxation or relaxation. The father of modern aromatherapy is the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé, who wrote his own book about it in 1937.

Since then, the popularity of aromatherapy has grown rapidly. It has found its place not only in alternative medicine or psychotherapy, but also in massage parlours.

However, true aromatherapy with all the trimmings cannot be provided by just anyone. It is a true art that takes years to master - only then can truly optimal results be achieved. Also important is the form of aromatherapy, where we can choose between:

  • inhalation - a combination of essential oils is put into a diffuser. The fragrance is then simply inhaled;
  • topical application - the individual essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil (almond, jojoba or coconut oil) and applied directly to the skin;
  • Bath - drip the selected essential oils into the prepared bath and relax in it for a while.


The key is to choose the right essential oils

Choosing the right combination of essential oils is important for successful aromatherapy. Each one has different effects - some stimulate us, others can make us depressed. Especially for erotic massage, it is advisable to choose essential oils that relax us and awaken our sensuality.

During the massage we can either inhale them or apply them directly on the body. For beginners, good choices include:

  • ylang-Ylang - often referred to as "flower of flowers". It offers users an intense sweet and floral aroma. During an erotic massage, it helps you connect to your sexuality and enhance your perception of your emotions;
  • Santalwood - is known for its rich woody aroma with sweet notes. It has mainly sedative effects on the human body, thanks to which we can deeply relax;
  • Lavender - used to relax and calm. During the massage it helps you to relax perfectly and get rid of excess tension;
  • rose - it is considered a symbol of love and passion. It has the same effect on our body and mind, when it intoxicates you with its intoxicating scent. It helps you open up and connect to your senses and emotions.


Aromatherapy as part of erotic massage opens the door to a deeper understanding of our intimacy and sexuality. With its help, you not only connect to your senses and emotions, but also calm and relax. The composition of essential oils varies depending on what you expect from the massage. So don't be afraid to experiment and look for suitable combinations, to achieve the desired result.

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