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Boundaries of intimacy - what rules apply during massages?

In the realm of sensual touch and the exciting connection between masseuse and client, there are written and unwritten rules that newcomers often don't know what to do with.

Massages require clear boundaries due to their content. How far do the limits of massage go?

These are not rules in the classical sense. They are considered by regular massage visitors as unwritten etiquette and basics of decent behaviour. Observance of etiquette is one of the basic pillars of a happy relationship between masseuse and client.

With or without reservation?

Many clients don't know whether to sign up for a massage in advance or arrive unannounced. In this case, there is a simple rule - a reservation guarantees that the client will get a turn at a predetermined time and with a masseuse of their liking.

This does not mean that the client will not be served if he arrives unannounced. The best massage parlours in Prague can handle this scenario. But it requires understanding and patience on the part of the guest.

How to make a reservation?

Just one quick phone call and guests will arrange their visit in advance. All they need to do this is the basic information:

  • First and last name
  • Contact
  • Preferred date and time
  • Massage parlour branch name
  • Preferred masseuse

If the client makes an appointment, the massage salon will prepare everything for the pre-set hour. However, even a reservation does not guarantee that a masseuse will be available at that time. Interested parties can see their schedule in the relevant section of the website.

Touch only with permission

The aim of massage is to relax and create a pleasant atmosphere. How about mutual touching?

Massage club etiquette says that rules are set by the masseuse. Mutual body massage is always up to the discretion of the lady in the salon. The same rules apply in the case of kissing anywhere on the body. Touching on intimate parts is forbidden.

Special rules apply in the case of body to body massages. In these, the masseuse works with her whole body and there is more frequent touching of the intimate areas. The hands, on the other hand, are used only minimally. The client does not touch the masseuse at all.

Hotel masseuse? Not possible for hygienic reasons

A common question from clients is whether it is possible to take a masseuse to the hotel or home. In this case, the position of the massage club is clear - unfortunately it is not possible, both for the safety of the masseuse and due to hygiene measures.

The rules of conduct in massage parlours are simple. What are they? Act like gentlemen and respect the status of the masseuse.This will make the experience to the satisfaction of everyone involved.


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