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Do you know the common erogenous zones of men and women?

Sexual arousal doesn't have to be limited to intimate parts. Our masseurs and masseuses have long discovered that touching and massaging certain areas can bring a man to incredible arousal.

Although women's and men's bodies are different, there are a few erogenous zones that they have in common.

Besides kissing and touching on the lips, you can stimulate other common arousal points.

Women have identified the nape of the neck as a highly sensitive and sexy place to touch and feel arousal. But when it comes to male counterparts, the neck is less sensitive. When done right, a sensual neck massage can instantly drown your partner in ecstasy!

Both men and women love touching on and around their ears. With so many nerve endings, it's actually a place that some men like to touch in order to reach orgasm. Although there is no science to explain why the ears are so erogenous, there seems to be a fairly general consensus that they are.

The area around the stomach
Because the lower stomach is north of the border of your genitals, it's a particularly exciting place to touch. Just a little light stimulation will increase blood flow to other erogenous zones. Some even say it is more sexually satisfying to be touched in this area than to have sex!

Nipple play is something both men and women enjoy, but it's a personal preference. Many enjoy this type of simulation, which releases sex hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin, and both sexes can reach orgasm without any genital stimulation.

Feet and toes
Although footfetish is in a whole different league, there is something in this area that can improve your sex life. The inside and outside of the ankles are very sensitive areas that correspond to the most erogenous zones: the vagina, penis, uterus and prostate. This area also seems to increase libido and improve sexual performance.

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