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Foot fetish is one of the most popular services

Foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet that can take many forms. Some people enjoy licking and sniffing the feet, while others prefer to massage them or may experience sexual arousal by licking, rubbing, tickling, sucking or otherwise interfering with the feet.

There are some people who love to have their feet adorned with jewellery, such as an ankle bracelet or a ring, and others who prefer just bare feet. Some may get sexually aroused by looking at pictures of feet, and not necessarily in a sexual way. Regardless of what someone likes on their feet, know that it is perfectly healthy and normal. Just because you like foot fetish doesn't make you a weird, deviant person. There are plenty of people who love to touch their feet, massage them, and worship them.

Play with the feet of our masseuses who love it!

We know that some clients really love their feet. We really mean it. A foot fetish lover would love to make love to a sexy working girl's feet in different ways. There is no type of foot that a fetishist doesn't like. Some like them big. Some like them small.

Some fetishists can't get enough of dirty, smelly feet and others like them clean with manicured and manicured nails.

Men (only rarely are there women among foot fetishists) love to suck and lick every part of the foot. Some clients may love your perfect arch; others may love your toes or ankles.

Happy ending with the help of the masseuse's feet

Foot fetish takes many forms. Some clients don't want a happy ending and just need the touching or licking of the masseuse's feet for happiness and relaxation. Others prefer a happy ending with the help of the masseuse's feet. The masseuse creates a space between the feet which is used to massage the penis. For added authenticity, the masseuse may use a lubricating gel.

In our Matahari salon you can combine foot job with other types of massage.

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