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How essential oils work

There are indeed many ways to make special blends of essential oils for erotic pleasure.

You may not have known it, but there are a multitude of aphrodisiac essential oils that can help create a warm, seductive and passionate atmosphere to end your hectic day. In our salon, we always strive to achieve that atmosphere and essential oils are one of the means.

Patchouli has a reputation as an incredible aphrodisiac essential oil. For centuries, this oil has been very popular in India for intimate, tantric sexual practices and even during the flower power movement of the 1960s. Its relaxing and strengthening properties will work very well in a sensual erotic massage with essential oils.

Sandalwood is a great aphrodisiac essential oil, especially for women. Studies have found that inhaling sandalwood before or during a massage increases sexual desire, especially in women.

Ylan Ylang
Ylang Ylang, combined with feelings of euphoria, makes the perfect essential oil for a sensual massage. It also helps improve your self-esteem. And with more confidence and trust in yourself, the sexual experience improves almost immediately.

Cape Rose Geranium
The blend in Rose Cape Geranium is a great essential oil to mix with a carrier oil. Its rich floral scent fills the room with an uplifting, romantic aroma that can perfectly set the atmosphere for a sensual erotic massage.

Peruvian Balm
With hints of vanilla and cinnamon, Peru Balsam essential oils are a great way to create a warm and inviting environment. While it promotes a relaxed state of mind, it also triggers emotions of pleasure and ecstasy - everything you need for an erotic massage moment.

Lavender is a definite must-include in a sensual essential oil massage. Since it promotes relaxation, it can only add great benefits to the overall experience; especially at the end of an erotic massage.

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