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Is erotic massage safe?

Professional erotic massages allow you to satisfy your relaxation needs and sexual desires.

Is erotic massage safe?

Professional erotic massages allow you to satisfy your relaxation needs and sexual desires. At erotic massage, people often have conflicting opinions. You may have heard "Guaranteed Information", that has been circulating around erotic massage. Matahari is a safe established erotic massage parlour in Prague, which proves that these rumors are 100% false.

For those of you who need some reassurance, here are a few things you should know about erotic massage and safety!


Many cheap massage parlors often employ a wide range of women from all over the city. If she has your masseuse has dry scabs or open lesions on her hands, face, and body, it's best not to get a massage to avoid massage because you could get a skin infection.

It is also important to mention that only from erotic massage you can not get infected with any form of STD disease. For many years, especially in the 80s and 90s, the public had the misconception that innocent massage could transmit various diseases. Fortunately, modern science has disproved this theory!


If you are new to the erotic massage scene, it is important to choose a clean and hygienic place. First, check the salon's website to see if it is updated and maintained. An innovative website (like ours) usually indicates a professional business!

At Matahari, we strive to treat our guests to cleanliness and luxury. Our rooms with private shower and bathtubs are thoroughly cleaned after each use.

With luxurious amenities, our rooms are the perfect place to escape the constraints of your stressful life and relax with a beautiful woman or sexy man.

Correct placement

Before you embark on your new massage parlour, it's wise to research the area and make sure it's safe. The "worse" businesses are often located in remote areas where you may not feel the safest. The last thing you want to think about is potential car break-ins during your appointment!

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