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It is impossible to be without eroticism

If you want to tell me that eroticism means nothing to you and that you could always easily imagine life without it, I won't believe you.

Even if eroticism is something intangible and immediately invisible, even if each of us probably imagines something slightly different, the fact is that it is there, always has been and always will be, and that it has always given us pleasure and always will. Eroticism is a wonderful thing, and anyone who has ever had even a peripheral taste of it will surely agree with me.
Sure, we could theoretically do without erotica, especially nowadays when we have a plethora of other forms of entertainment and leisure time, but it still wouldn't be the same without it. 
Eroticism is so important to us that we are often willing to go to great lengths for it. Even take risks. Just to name a few - how many people enjoy it, even though, especially in some parts of the world, they run the risk of eventually being accused and pilloried for harassment, which is what it was worth to President Clinton in America or the Prince of Qatar in our country!
Simply, for us, eroticism is something we could hardly condone. We indulge in it gladly, and whenever the opportunity arises. And sometimes we can even arrange such an opportunity just to indulge in eroticism.
But what if we don't have a partner who would do us any good? What if we miss her, or if being with her has become boring after years of living together? Then, of course, we can use various alternative solutions. We can get a mistress/lover, we can bet on paid sex in luxurious brothels or even somewhere in the bushes by the roadside or on the street.
But sensible people prefer to replace those last options with a visit to an erotic massage parlour. Because here they will also have a good time, and they don't even risk catching something in the pleasant atmosphere.
Erotic massage is simply one of the forms of erotic entertainment that should not be neglected. Because it's a wonderful thing. As anyone who has ever tasted it will attest.


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