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Is erotic massage safe?

Do you want to book an erotic massage but are holding back because of concerns about whether it is really safe?

You don't have to worry because erotic massage is safe just like other types of massage. Erotic massage parlors and therapists work under strict guidelines to ensure that the services they offer are 100% safe.

Therapists must obtain a license

We understand that many new clients wonder if erotic masseuses are trained in legal massage therapy, because of course no one wants to be harmed in any way by an inexperienced masseuse giving them a bad massage. Not only would it not be as enjoyable, but it could potentially damage your muscles if they are not quite sure what they are doing. However, you can rest assured that all massage therapists at Matahari Salon undergo regular training. This licence confirms that they have completed the relevant massage qualifications at recognised training schools around the world.

Regular medical check-ups

Although there is no direct sexual intercourse in our salon (we pride ourselves on being primarily a massage parlour), all our staff undergo regular medical examinations, including STD testing. Our clients can thus enjoy their moment of relaxation without any worries.

100% hygiene is a matter of course for us

Many companies started to focus on 100% hygiene only with the advent of the covida pandemic, but we are not one of them. Our clients were assured of total cleanliness even before the pandemic. Hygiene compliance has been a given for us since the inception of Matahari Salon. We pride ourselves on making our clients feel comfortable and clean.

Most salons are located in busy streets

Erotic massage parlours are usually located on busy roads in bustling cities and can be easily reached by public transport or your own vehicle, including our salon. Many people often believe that this is because salons are easy to get to by all modes of travel, but it is also for the safety of the clients.

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